1. What is the vendor enlistment system in NTPC?

The focus of vendor enlistment system in NTPC is to identify the capable vendors eligible for supply of items or execution of works in Operation and Maintenance (O&M) area of power plants.

2. What are the benefits for me if I get enlisted?

3. What is the scope of vendor enlistment?

4. Is it mandatory to apply through web site for enlistment or I can apply separately offline?

5. How much fee I need to pay for applying for vendor enlistment ?

6. Where can I see the list of materials/works package for which enlistment is being done ?

7. Who are eligible to apply for vendor enlistment?

8. If enlisted, for how many years the enlistment shall be valid?

9. I am already a vendor of NTPC do I also need to apply?

10. If I am dealer /distributor how can I apply?

11. What is the cut off date for applying in vendor enlistment and if I miss the cutoff date can I apply thereafter ?

12. In case I need any general help while applying for vendor enlistment whom should I contact?

13. For Technical Specifications & Qualifying Requirements related enquiries whom should I contact?

14. How can I know about latest developments related to addition of new items for procurement/works package ?

15. What are the timings for vendor enlistment ?

16. Should I send the hard copies of document by post /courier ?

17. I am a contractor/service provider and unable to find any service related works for enlistment in the website .What should I do ? .

18. What if my company manufactured product category/works package is not listed in the material list ?

19. What would be the criteria for any MEG enlistment?

20. Can I apply for enlistment for more than one item ?

21. Can I apply for enlistment of both materials and work packages items?

22. Whom should I mention in the authorized signatory / executant in the Letter of Undertaking (LoU) & Power of Attorney (PoA)?

23. I already have a Power of Attorney document with me., Will that document would work in the current NTPC vendor enlistment process?

24. Where should I send notarized hard copy of LoU/PoA docs ?

25. I am applying for than one MEGs with different Responsibility Centres, Do I need to send individual notarised LoU& PoA for each responsibility centre ?

26. What are the steps for registration at NTPC vendor enlistment portal?

27. What are the steps for vendor enlistment?

28. What internet browsers are supported?

29. Is there any minimum bandwidth limit for internet connection ?

30. How do I change my password?

31. How can I retrieve my lost my password?

32. What if I don't agree with the Terms and conditions, Banning policy, and other mandatory conditions ?

33. Can I look at other vendors' data?

34. What should I do if I tried registering and my company is already registered?

35. If the Primary Contact for my company is no longer employed by us, what should I do?

36. What should I do to ensure smooth completion of enlistment?

37. How do I confirm my application is submitted without any problem?

38. I have applied for one item and now if I am applying for other item(s) do I again need to start from scratch for each item ?

39. What type of commercial documents/ information to be submitted along with the application?

40. What type of technical documents/ information to be submitted along with the application ?

41. What is the format of document/files to be uploaded?

42. How shall I know my enlistment validity is expiring?

43. In case I need to edit any information after submitting the details while applying for enlistment what should I do ?

44. Who will have access to my information/documents?