• • 10MEG-39 : Supply of Limestone for Flue Gas Desulfurization(FGD) of NTPC Stations
  • • 82MEG-01 : LED Lights & Fixtures
  • • BMD-28 : ESP Overhauling & its Associated Auxiliaries
  • • BMD-27 : In Situ repairing of HP valves
  • • BTG-01 : Long-term Maintenance Contract for Boiler, Turbine and their Auxiliaries

NTPC Grievance Portal

NTPC Grievance Portal

NTPC believes in transparency. To give an opportunity to the applicants to represent their view(s) to NTPC in case of not getting selected /or any other issue(s) regarding enlistment, the GRIEVANCE CHANNEL has been launched. The applicants can avail the same using their log in credentials created at the time of online application for enlistment.


Communication: Intimation about disqualification by NTPC to applicant.

Return Communication: Applicant's view point to NTPC's decision. It is to be communicated within 5 days of receipt of Communication.

Reply: NTPC's response to Return Communication. Reply is to be done within 5 days of receipt of Return Communication.

Return Communication shall be for a particular MEG. It shall be channelized to concerned Responsibility Centre with intimation to CPC.

The applicant can view the Communication/Return Communication/Reply and can select the Satisfied/Not Satisfied option.

If the applicant goes for the Satisfied option OR don't select either of the two options within 5 days of receipt of Communication /Reply, the system shall close the GRIEVANCE CHANNEL for the applicant for that MEG.

Applicants who are not satisfied with Reply can go for the Not Satisfied option, record their comments and submit for further Reply.

NTPC reserves the right to close/reopen the GRIEVANCE CHANNEL for an applicant to rationalise the Grievance process.